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Hayat Motel  

Büyükeceli , 33700


  • it is a view from our restaurant on the beach

  • our rooms have three single beds or one double and a single

  • it s a two florey building with 7 rooms at each

Standard double with sea view, french bed, an extra bed, private facilities (bath and shower), and breakfast
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We are settled in a region that is known as a relaxing, silent and adorable place with delicious meals. It is a small motel on the beach. Hayat Motel has been establlished in early 70s. The owner is our mother; our grandmother Sabriye Yasamis was a well known restaurant owner in Konya who has spent nearly entire her lifetime to serve people...So, we as her family now are on duty to last her memory... Our motel has two floors. The motel is just a few feet behind the restaurant, which is located on the beach just a few feet from the sea...We have sunbeds and shades on our own free for our guests. Unlike most common holiday places here we have nor noise neither crowd of people this attracts most of our guests to prefer our place. Our prices include breakfast,one kid is acceptable for breakfast...It is a classic Turkish breakfast we serve. For lunch we have the meal of the day or a la carte.For dinner a la carte fish,meat and chicken grilled or fried. Our motel is open between April and November, for high season and weekends you shall book to come in. From november till april, if we are around we also accept tourists not to send back.

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