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  • Hotel is far away 50m from main street and from the beach 3 minutes by foot from the beach. Our place is far away from castle 10 minutes and the mausoleum 20 minutes by walking. To come to the otel it takes just 15 minutes from the bus station and from the ferry 10 minutes by walking. ARRÝVAL ÝNFORMATÝON: Ýf arriving at Bodrum Bus Station or Bodrum Ferry Terminal please either give us a call and we will come and pick you up. Ýf you arriving at Bodrum Airport we can arrange a transfer for you which cost 40 Euro and if you would like this please let us know you arrival information ahead of time. There is an information center in the bus station. When the tourists come to Bodrum that they can wait at the information office for a while and they can call us. We do have a free car service, or if they give information us about the departure of their bus and ferryboat arrival time for Bodrum. Our place is far away from ferryboat that takes 10 minutes; also we can pick them. ÝMPORTANT NOTE: Ýf arriving in Bodrum and you are approached by touts claiming to be working for our hotel please ignore them and proceed to the hotel.This is a practice that we do not agree with and therefore we do not have anyone workingfor us trying to attract customers in this way. The hotel is 35km and 30 minutes from the airport. Enjoy a relaxing holiday in a friendly environment at HOTEL MERHABA. From our place to the airport is 35km 30 minute ride. This costs 45$. 10-15 minutes on foot from the bus station. Give us a call and we will direct you. 8-10 minutes on foot to the ferry. We also have a FREE CAR service from the FERRY and the BUS STATION. Enjoy a relaxing holiday in a friendly environment at HOTEL MERHABA.