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Affiliate procedure  

Our partner program abides by the following steps:

Before submitting your data at 'Affiliate Submission" you should read the 'Agreement Conditions". By submitting, you agree to our terms, conditions and expectations.

- Submit your data at "Affiliate Submission".

- After checking your data, we will decide whether you are accepted as a partner.

- The next questions are asked to approve a partnership

  • Is the site well organized?
  • Is the site well designed?
  • On which location(s) on the site will you be 'linked' to
  • What is the main area of the site?
  • Is it travel oriented?
  • How many visitors does the site have?
  • What are the future expectations, plans?
- After approving you as a partner, you will get your own ID number with login name and password.

- Your account contains: 'Contact Info', 'Statistics', 'Instructions' and 'Payments' sections.

- 'Instructions' contains links, banners and a search box with the partner's own ID number, which can be incorporated in the partner's site to start the affiliation.

- is open for specific requests or wishes of the partner to develop a fruitful cooperation.

- The payments will be made quarterly to the given bank account number of the partner.

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