Why register with us?

  • Currently one company is controlling the Online-Hotel-Booking ecosystem. This level of concentration is bad for the public and bad for the hotels. The lessen learnt since 2020 is that being dependent from one supplier is generally bad for public overall.
    Controlling the whole segment means also that there is no arbitrator in case of a dispute. This is also certainly valid when it comes to your ratings and reviews.

Register Your Property With Us

  • Unique sales model drives increased number of bookings with increased profit margins to your business.
  • Beat price parity! Break the grip of punative price parity agreements by offering tobook members discounts behind a simple one-click social sign-in.
  • Incentivize customers to deliver you higher profit-margin bookings, by offering modest discounts to those that log-in via facebook or google.
  • Low commisions, with a maximum of 5%. We don't engage in price-gouging at tobook.
  • Offer competitive Early Bird advance booking rates to your customers.
  • Register your property on tobook, our well-established long-running Hotel booking website, and become part of our new movement to make fairly-priced bookings the new industry norm!

Some Of Our Features

  • Convenient user-friendly extranet allows you to manage your property's online presence with ease.
  • We support a wide range of Channel Manager products, such as SiteMinder, WuBook and more.
  • Custom chain-management features for organisations with a portfolio of multiple properties.
  • Seamless and familiar mobile and desktop booking experience for consumers drives conversion, including map search, reviews and more.
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