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ORCA Suite

  • Via our technology partners at ORCA Intel we are pleased to offer this leading-edge, afforable Property Management System (PMS) and suite of integrated apps.
  • Comes integrated with tobook Housekeeping Connectivity PROand the tobook Booking Engine at no extra charge.
  • Built-in support for, Expedia and other major channels. Supports 100s of additional channels via third parties such as SiteMinder WuBook and more.
  • Free 1 month trial version of the whole integrated suite is available. Sign-up, download and test-drive without delay!

Core Features

  • Best in class occupancy rack and reservation handling.
  • Centralised staff-efficiency notification bar provides detailed alerts for incoming bookings, provides check-out and billing reminders, and guides staff workflow of outstanding actions to be performed.
  • Convenient and flexible rate-package manager delivers comprehensive overview and fine-grained control of sales activity.
  • Comprehensive accounting section provides invoicing and billing functionality, lockable payment journal, and audit trail.
  • Detailed activity reports give you the business intelligence you need to maximise revenue.
  • Easily close out days, property-wide or for specific partners, and cap partner room allocations.
  • Easily manage correspondence with guests.

Integrated Apps

  • In conjunction with tobook Housekeeping Connectivity PRO, actions triggered by cleaning staff or room guests are propagated to the occupancy graph and notification workflow.
  • Native connection with tobook Web Booking Engine, booking by individual room number possible.
  • Web Booking Engine reservations are integrated transactionally and notified instantly, with no possibility of revenue loss due to overbooking.
  • Premium Connectivity Partner with Tripadvisor: TripConnect Instant Booking.
  • Integrated Point-Of-Sales (POS) and integrated keycard solutions available.