WordPress Booking Engine

  • tobook WordPress Hotel Engine is commission free, fully integrates with your own site domain, (no external hosting) and comes with no hosting or other usage fees.
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  • With an out of the box connection to Google Hotel Ads, and a range of innovative discount option packages directly visible to google, you can ensure that you beat price-parity and drive high-margin commission free bookings through your own site!
  • Check out the tbengine plugin pages at the official central WordPress Plugin Directory Listing. Here you can find documentation, screenshots, reviews, developer info, and initiate plugin installs.
  • Alternatively, download the tobook WordPress Engine plugin, and install from ZIP like any other WordPress plugin:
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Beat price-parity with the best headline price on Google for you own site!

  • Comes with an out of the box connection to Google Hotel Ads.
  • Includes innovative simple to use discount options for own-bookings.
  • This allows you to ensure that your own site has the best "headline price" on google compared with expensive high commission OTAs, driving direct high-margin bookings through your site!
  • Discount options include member-only discounts visible to google for customers who sign in.
  • View in use at: O&O Hotel Oberursel

Core Features

  • Fully integrates with and hosted on your site, leaving your designer in full control over branding and layout customization.
  • Seamless familiar mobile and desktop user experiences that allow customers to book quickly and easily, driving conversion.
  • Supports shopping cart based group bookings.
  • Customer login area allows customers to manage their bookings and notify you of any changes.
  • Supports booking individual rooms by room number when using an integrated PMS.
  • Supports a wide range of integrated PMS and Channel Manager products, such as ORCA PMS, SiteMinder, WuBook and more.

Bespoke One-Click Google and Facebook member Sign-In

  • Bespoke OAuth one-click social sign-in options via Facebook and Google are available to incentivise member and returning guest participation. Stop sending repeat customers to expensive OTAs to book with you again and promote your discount prices and membership options in a highly visible easy-to-use way!
  • Full website design and hosting options available